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Green Road

News from Maksym Zalevskyi
April 1, 2022

Photo from the settlement of Charivne

A greenhouse for every settlement. The gardens of victory!

First 5 then 10. The third row is already forming. We send greenhouses to settlements with temporary guest families. This allows people to engage in gardening and distract from the horrors of war.

Working with raised beds, gardening and growing is one of the best therapies for removing psychological trauma and deep depression.

It's also food security.

Greenhouses give the opportunity to grow greens and vegetables without special agrarian skills. In conditions of late frost and climate instability they allow us to grow a guaranteed amount of seedlings before the arrival of summer and then plant for quick harvest.

This war is not over and the consequences of the war will be economically heavy for a long time. So for small groups of 20-30 people, mostly women children and older people, greenhouses are a great source of quick vitamins in periods when these vitamins are quite limited.

Fresh greens and medicinal herbs are a powerful basis for our survival and further productivity. This is how we survived in the 90s when the store shelves were empty. This is how we’ve survived in the times of wars and occupation.

During the Second World War “Victory Gardens" played a significant role in the food supply of countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia. In May 1943, the United States had 18 million Victory Gardens — 12 million in cities and 6 million on farms.

We plan to make all settlements in our green corridor that have adopted/protected families able to grow food. We expect some 50-100 locations will be able to grow enough to create their own micro-economies, cycle food to those in need and also make a profit on sales.

Thank you Анатолій Ткачук for the article, I'll put it in the comments. Thanks to our partner Пермакультура в Україні for their expertise and sowing material that is currently being actively shipped.

Thank you to the settlements and communities of Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine that so lively for the idea of greenhouse farms.
Thank you to our suppliers who are currently getting metal from Europe to provide us with the necessary frames.

Thank you to all the forced displaced participants for supporting this idea of ours and willing to be involved in this cause.

Together to victory! We will catch up with you soon.
Everything will be Ukraine

#теплички #садиперемоги #вирощуванняїжі #зеленийкоридор #genukraine #пермакультура #екопоселення #простежиття

News from Iryna Kazakova

March 29, 2022


Art Village Obyrok ("overwatch") was founded in 2007 by Leonid Kanter and Diana Karpenko as a place for festivals, workshops, camping and retreats.  "Obyrok the village" is a desire that motivated ordinary people to launch artistic waves of picturesque home design, create a shared space in the settlement, start dozens of unique projects... This is how the Obyrok Art Island | Мистецький хутір Обирок formed.

Now Obyrok provides an opportunity for everyone who is looking for a favor for their family. Every region of Ukraine has settlements, free houses and people ready to help you live for a few months and longer term.

Yes, you will have to put in a little effort to make your rooms comfortable. But Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine , Пермакультура в Україні , and direct owners and your future neighbors do everything they can to clean wells so you have water, buy kitchen utensils to eat, find new beds and bedding to sleep on.

If you have at least once thought about living closer to nature, if you have at least thought about how to plant your own garden or take your apples straight from the tree - contact:

Ніна Севастьянова - Khmelnytsky Oblast (project that revives Ukrainian traditions)

Дакшина Деви Даси - Cherkasy region. (for those who appreciate the principle of non violence and deep ethics of life)

Владимир Величко , Kirovohrad region. , Tatyana Diner , Cherkasy region. (for those who want to join work and grow food)

Борис Шестопалов - Kharkiv region and Виталий Костюченко Dnipropetrovsk region. - for those who want to stay in eastern Ukraine.

More options:

News from Iryna Kazakova

March 25, 2022


Mutual support

Since February 25, when we started the project Ecovillage Green Road (, more than 35 ecovillages and permaculture centers have hosted displaced people for 1-2 days or longer in their communities. Many other places keep the doors of their homes open to those who need shelter. All of them have given shelters for almost 1000 people.

With your help, we raised more than 20,000 EUR. This is a huge amount for our ecovillages in ‘ordinary’ times. But now all the sums that we redistribute between the places melt instantly for the most diverse needs of people.

This is a turning point for everyone in our community. But not only because everything around explodes in the literal sense. As the phoenix, our trust in the world is reborn... trust in people, trust in each of you, those who help us.

Just as we are trying to gather people in Ukrainian locations, we are building new connections between our ecovillages. Now, as never before, we can see all the problems, all the tensions, all the shortcomings in communication, in planning, in understanding even the most basic needs, but …

...but Ivanka (Western Ukraine), who just before the New Year launched her own project Nasivanky (, for which she has been preparing all her life,  sends the unique seeds for free to all ecovillagers that plan to grow food. Ivanka planted 100,000 tomatoes, 20,000 cabbages and 30,000 peppers to distribute for free to those who have the opportunity to plant a garden this year.

Volodya (Central Ukraine) has a farm where he grows turnips - a traditional vegetable for Ukrainians. He revives traditions in his own way. He offered turnips to all ecovillages that host people ... 150 kg of turnips was sent to one of the places for more than 100 people ... for free. Just to make people have delicious food. And he sends many of such parcels.

Jane (Eastern Ukraine) has a carbon farm and makes cheese. I will write separately about her daily quest on how to feed 600+ own animals and save the animals of those who are forced to leave home. But Jane decided to send all the villages all the cheese she had. Jane says she is going to send the cheese while the weather is cold. Later we will think of other ways to help each other.

Mutual support is what keeps not only our country but the whole world now.

We thank all our friends:
GEN Europe
CISU - Civilsamfund i Udvikling / Civil Society in Development
Stefan Dreesmann, Dr. Deutsch-Ukrainische Kooperation Ökolandbau - Cooperation in Organic Agriculture (COA)
Albert Bates, Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology


Swedish initiative “Farm for Ukraine”

The Swedish NGO “Den Goda Jorden”, “The Good Soil”, that works to protects farmland, has started a campaign we call “Farm for Ukraine”. Here we advocate that Sweden increases its production of crops this year and that the government halts all building on farmland until we now how the war will influence farming in Ukraine. 

“This we do for the sake of the people of Ukraine, Sweden, and the numerous countries around the world who are dependant on wheat, sunflower oil and other crops grown in Ukraine.  We have made a film that can be found on our web-page where I describe the purpose of the campaign. What I say has been translated to English and Ukrainian. The translations are found on the web-page, and English subtitles have been added to the film.”

Пермакультура в Україні
Kharkiv region!

April 4
For those who are looking for a shelter in the Kharkiv region, there are several options:
1) Upper Bishkiv. There are houses to move in.
2) High. There are rooms to move in.
3) Mykolaivka. There are caravans for moving in (photo).
Please be aware of the current situation.
More opportunities to adopt

Rosyichi Ecopotment (Kaniv district, Cherkasy region) can place refugees who need temporary shelter or help with moving to the PMLN to us those who have long dreamed of living in harmony with nature and people in ecopotment.
Refugees are relocated to their owners in houses with amenities. We provide houses without amenities for long-term living to the displaced.
We help with equipment and if needed - with employment. It's time to take advantage of this opportunity!
We will be happy to help anyone in need!
0676996668, Elena - write in PM (Viber, Telegram)

"Posolonʹ Academy" can host a family with children up to 7 people for a long life.
There is a house (7 bedrooms, firewood heating, washing machine, induction stove, bath, fridge, basement, cold water in the house).
For inquiries tel: 0972726681 Maria
Zhytomyr region
25 km from Novograd-Volinsky

News from Maksym Zalevskyi
April 7, 2022


One more toilet! It was blown away by the winds but new forces have arrived, lifted it back in place. Now we have two of them dry and one beautiful view.

It's certainly not a golden toilet, but those who come will accept it gratefully because they arrive here still clinging to each other. And as my grandmother said, war war is war, and three times to eat and once an empty stomach is normal all the time.

And when there is little water or power, then a flush toilet is perhaps more beautiful  but not very practical. It's better to have a dry toilet. Well, dry ones are also beautiful, as you can see. There is  less load on sewage, no water pumps. And more compost! After these pictures the carpenter went to work and now there is a throne and a door.

#компостийтуалет #екопоселення #простежиття

A Prayer for Peace
April 6, 2022 at 11:19 pm

Lord, protect our families. Give strength to our defenders and peace to the minds of our enemies. Amen. Namaste. Let it be so.

We are all different here, different beliefs and faiths. But we're all about the same.

Here we often pray together before eating. Today there are people from different corners of the country, and even an American. Yesterday as we gathered in the evening we began to list cities: Kharkiv, Kiev, Odessa, Kherson, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Luhansk region, Donetschina, Subcarpathia. This is so symbolic. We are here in the Carpathians on the hump but we are all Ukraine. We pray, we eat, we prepare our lives. And we ask for peace.

We have been praying like this for thousands of years.

I listened to the prayers of our women, mothers, they were so simple and sincere. I was in tears and others had tears. There must have been many moments of this kind here. After all, around us there are a lot of ancient buildings and barns. People since the ancient days have lived here — peaceful people, shepherds and farmers.

All they wanted, all we want, is peace and tranquility. Peace, labor and prosperity. And in that simple wish is our deepest common faith and strength. After all, Love is above hate.

Yes, here on our mountain is a sanctuary right now, it's cozy and quite calm here. But war arrives here every day with new people. We are reminded when the sleet and hail—little Makarchik—knocks on the old country door with little rocks. We are reminded when the gusts of the mountain wind rattle the steel roof of our hostel.

People unwillingly bow down, tuck their heads and close their hands. They are just recently from the shelling and bombing. They reflexively shrink in horror of fresh memories, when every new explosion was Death approaching.

My head seems to understand that it's the wind, but my heart, tutuk-tutuk, ripping out of my chest, says a mother from Kharkiv. She's always smiling, reading fairy tales to children about trolls, and with the sound of the storm she bends her back like she wants to drop something.

Give me the silver lining. And where is that? My fingers are like they're pushing on a tree. You've got a trunk there, they say. Made a bath, polinoví teas, prostukuvali drums for the children.

Children are open minded, they don't really know how to hide their feelings behind false smiles. The eyes are red from crying and lost sleep. They may often cry, or capsize and fall to the ground and fight it with their fists. At night they shout and then wake. Or they fall out of bed. We all live together, so we all hear every experience together. This pain and horror can be felt by anyone, we all go through it together.

God we thank you for this food, bread on this table and a roof over our head. We pray for all who protect us in different corners of the big world.

We pray before eating, people from different parts of our country. Everyone is so different and all about the same. We pray for peace.

#молитвазамир #молитвазаукраїну #зеленийкоридор #екопоселення #спільнота #простежиття
GR vehicle.jpeg
Straw Building.jpeg
ruins to ecovillage.jpeg
Maxim in the City.jpeg
April in Ukraine

It is a colder than usual Spring this year. A little better in the south but in most of the country the fruit blossoms are delayed, it rains, sleets and snows, and freezing temperatures are common overnight.

Anastasiya Volkova:

Now we most need the same real resilience that we theoretically talked about so much. The ability to adapt quickly and accept reality, refuse projectionism. And lots, lots of tolerance.

We bought a Car
April 7
We crowdsourced  $ 2100 on a Volynanka.

The transport of displaced people, stuff and  food in the mountain area of the Carpathians needed a stout truck for the up and down. With its advantages it's petrol, domestic and cheap in maintenance this is perfect.

We have new and new people arriving at our location every day and such a transport is critical.

The the Ziva House settlement received its batch of valuable humanitarian stuff from our Danish partners on the pictured motorbike.

News from Maksym Zalevskyi

Past 40 tons
April 9

Way too fast

You too, everything loses its relevance the next day. And it literally flies away.

Sometimes, my actions precede the acceptance of these actions. And that's the problem.

Even when we have daily morning calls, the days are so busy that what happened yesterday feels like last week. And if you haven't contacted someone for days 5, then it's like data from a year ago.

Up to the max! Let's get in sync

Come on tell me... and you realize it's just tons of info. Which is even hard to structure.

And this is not the general news, this is the news from our little green bubble. Where everything is very tightly clipped one by one, from the lack of water in the tap to writing a new application in Europe for grants, donneyta, humanitarian cargo and reports.

The micro reality we live in. Sometimes a day a few joint calls with different geography and scale from small to very large and it breaks me inside too.

And sometimes there is no one to say it to feel it, it's huge enough.

As of today, we have dispatched the first million UAH of financial support and the first 40 tons of humanitarian trucks to different parts of the country across our settlements and farms. Where in one way or another are from 800 to 1500 permanent people and a few more probably thousands of non-permanent displaced people. Because it's even difficult now to evaluate how many have passed. And this looks like just the beginning. We are just starting to get along with the humanitarko кою, but there will be more and more. And this is the opposite economy, which I have been writing about for a long time and which is not completely understood by those who try to bring everything back on the tracks of the classical economy: such as work-home-work, monetization of projects and employment. Doesn't work like that anymore... welcome to the new reality.

From the general news mostly I read the analytics, reports / conclusions of the Armed Forces, British intelligence and the Pentagon to understand the actions on the fronts. In order to understand where it will be hot and where the corridors opened. Where to expect people from.

Then analytics from our eco-seating map, with more than 250 thousand views. And what settlements are now in the top of popularity. To give them support in the first place.

We are going to pump the settlement. Pumping them with costs and humanitarian aid. But not everyone is equally ready for it. Neither resourceful nor ideological.  Therefore, conflicts arise at different levels. And partly I am guilty of these conflicts. Because I'm still crashing like the wind with its starter pace into their retrieve dimensional being. Where I'm not asked.

Sometimes we receive news from the victims settlements. It's already a whole different thing. These are not statistics, not analytics. This is the fate of human beings. It's a tragedy and grief of people and places who have been affected or are not. Close to my heart. And it's tears and bitterness. When you just sit back and whisper: bitches, bitches, bitches, you bitches..

I don't know how to handle this right now. Because on the one hand you have to sit in sensitive circles of conversations and consent, turn on sociocracy and non-violent communication. Diplomacy and charm, that good blagísnogo Maksimčik. The image I am to many. To give smiles and hugs. Baking sweets in the kitchen and taking out a bucket from the compostnogo toilet. Call out love and sympathy to be heard.

And on the other hand, we have a kind of war and we paved the corridor through 70 locations and people from this war come to these locations. And it's not my carpage to take them there and provide everything they need, pump there resources, energy costs, fuel, horizon products for a month, two, three or six months.

But why do we have so many...

And here already Maksimčik ceases to be nâška and tearing patterns at their own pace and scale.

And you can't sit calmly on a long discussion about which one to choose and in which sequence - this car, dishwasher, pan or can wait with careless purchases, because we are for minimalism and we can get around.

Brothers! we need all of these!. We must be functional here and now, not later when more effective and sustainable solutions are on the market. And don't push one single car down south until it finally starts. Or experiment with ecological materials. We need to create new and new spaces to hide, effective and functional, based on the locations that exist, regardless of their primary ideological destination. Oh my gosh! Then throw those mattresses into the yoga room. And to put temporary housing without foundation and insulation and general plan of space.

Because these rockets are falling on the stations and residential areas, sowing chaos, fear and panic. And streams of new and new people in our settlements including.

We need everything and a lot. And quickly. We're going to speed up. I am so accurate. And this is far from the speed and scale that was in my startup past. What on the one hand seems to calms me down, and on the other disturbs me. Because there is no time especially for rozkačku.

Maxime, get it! let's put this question on pause... Well ok. Let's put it up.

I'm with the understanding like. Just taking a little breath.

And you're already composing five more in your head, who doesn't want that pause, and is ready to move on. Who has this is not a question, but a duty. So exactly as equal as the supply of armor on the front.

Will it be possible to save people, communities, space. Or to keep yourself safe. We work wide, once we were taught this way, we find new locations, new people. The window should open wide, not half.

The universe loves the speed. The adrenaline is taking over. And this is both a star and a cross at the same time.

And who is easy now. It's hard for everyone. Because at this difficult tragic moment we write a new story. No one is not mine. I'm going to get it in general. Because this story of ours cannot be told without a general context. This is an incredible act of shared service. Service to one's own.

Let's hold on. Everything will be Ukraine

A Birthday Party
April 10

And we have a birthday

This is Natalia, she is from Kherson. He says there was no cake last year, and here are two whole. And guests from all over Ukraine.

Natalia came here not alone, a whole commune from burnt Makarov. Been out for a week. Sat in the basement on Danish galetah and rice milk.

Good thing there was someone to give me a ride.

We keep the celebrations, ours to ours.

Kedrovka Strawbale

April 11

Kedrovka settlement in Kyiv region, this premises are no longer there. A straight hit...

Update: settlement, people are healed. Thank you lord

The settlement specializes in eco-construction made of straw blocks. Training educational seminars over the long 15 years.

We negotiated to make another eco-seating rally here.

"Everything is going to be fine. - says Ira, - will write ... I don't know if there's anything to write . I have no words, only plans »

They are like that, never let their hands down.

Let's support it.

Tverdynya in Vinnytsia

April 11

Grandmothers from the settlement of Tverdynya in Vinnytsia consciously gave up their residence for forced displaced families. They themselves moved to the district house for the elderly.

Where we partially finished the humanitarian cargo from the Danish eco-poselenʹ community. From such an interesting mutual aid.

Thank you Светлана Затонская Константин Затонский for coordinating and active psychological support of our green corridor. There are so many of you everywhere.

Pumpkin Pie

April 12

Carrot or pumpkin?

- We decided on a pumpkin, it gives more juice, a vegan pie is better with a pumpkin - says Ira. At a dinner together we all taste new pastries. She is beautiful.

Psychhanuli - this is how our women call their activity in the kitchen. Ira from Kiev, Elya from Odessa created this beautiful kitchen tandem. Both are professional musicians. Horses, I guess that's what they call their conservative education. Ira - bass guitar, Elya - violin.

And here is the kitchen. They are out here breathing. Sometimes something creative is something to the knowledge. We are helping. Trying to optimize manufacturing processes.

Yesterday Andrew and I were so excited to choose new pots and pans. Even me got poked out...

- How did you even penetrate the kitchen? Asks Natalia from Khersonu - here is such a limit on access.

- And I'm like part of this cooking team, so it's already done.

In the kitchen, I also breathe. Even when just a helper. Washing dishes, wine compost or fire in the oven. But rarely do we get creative together. And these are the cake times. I think this invention needs to be patented already. Because there is nothing better than discharging the situation in such a position.

Carrot or pumpkin

What to put in the pie. Yesterday I captured a moment when women actively discussed this.

- Look, look at this!

- For what?... - asks Ivanka a little surprised.

We're all now so absorbed in this tasting process in these mysterious recipes so deep that we've forgotten about war. Even the children stopped caprisuvati, and peacefully thovčutʹ in the middle of the room.

This is Vasily who did this redesign of our little space. He is from Kosovo our charismatic vavosp. Sitting listening and watching everyone for a long time. Then he goes to the corner, takes a stick there and starts measuring the table with it. Then the walls and then...

- Should, says turn it around.

Oh no, it's not so comfortable to climb in.

But it turned out to be better, now there is a square for children for games and running and it's easier for us to wash the floor.

Played by the sitar

Anton turned on Indian music and then western classical. Talks about complex mathematical models and the difference between these music schools and civilizations.

He is our music guru, and the conversations here are relevant. If not the kitchen then the music.

I'll think about the bubble, and the reality in it. The reality we create here after all. Despite that general information background surrounding.

Around threatening and scary, new tank columns are heading towards Ukraine. Thousands of new bombs, thousands of new victims and refugees...

A carrot or a pumpkin. Better than a pumpkin. This is what we can give, the reality we can create.

A little sip of peace and comfort in our little bubble.

To our little Ukraine

Somewhere at Sunset

April 13

We made it through. Sourcing

It's so warm, it's a little easier. So we survived another crisis stage of hiding people. On 40 some invasion day there. That's a summary of it.

A lot of things happened, and an elderly woman's hand fracture and a small lazaret, where everyone couldn't get themselves together. Both conflicts and people's interlimít, in the background of a cold cyclone, lack of space, water and electricity. Coffee disputes, disputes over caring for animals, for whom to cook in the kitchen and clean. And who's here for the older one and why exactly such rules here.

Surviving , making it through. Got there, fed and warm. All goals, all alive.

And even the greenhouse has already been moved to its place.

Yes, this is our small intermediate victory. Our little bubble somewhere in the background of possibly significant external events.

But we made it through. And I'm proud of our little team somewhere far between the mountains, somewhere at sunset over the edge of a big country, who decided to resist.

How Did We Get The Water

April 14

How did we get the water Як

This is the story of how vigilance and simple decisions help our foster survive these challenging times.

There is a shortage of water

So with water we have had outages for a long time. Even when it was just a summer volunteer camp, she had enough for ten. And now there are twice as many people and it's mostly families with children, cats and a dog. And somehow the water flow has become critically insufficient.

And against the backdrop of sharp cold and power outages, when everything runs on electricity, it easily turns into a sense of a domestic resource crisis, misery. Against the background of pretty good humanitarian assistance.


So, we have three whole water sources. But there's down the mountain where the pump that provides water exactly the kitchen and bath with shower and toilet. There's just not enough water there, the level is low and it's being replenished slowly for some reason.

Another source is on the hump, it's a regular well with a korbo Ін. And we, respectively, carry water in buckets when there is not enough. It sure is fun and everyone is in business. But could do more creative things at this time.

And our community, as it is, is favored people of creative professions, artists, singers and musicians and we, our team, see, including the necessary provision for them to create new cultural content. Culture and education somehow saves this world from ignorance. And not a primitive survival instinct...

This is the logic we have.

So the third well way up, it's all zamulene. And the water there through the hose was assisted in the technical premises of the stable and the barn. And it flows barely thin civko лед rust and yet unfit for use.


"Never think in the direction of economy and savings, always think in the direction for expansion and abundance. » That's how we were once taught, so the way - the economy should be economical - I don't really like it.

But based on the resources we've had these weeks and the weather. We had to make simple and pragmatic household decisions.

Starting from the next use of water. What certainly bothered me a lot, sorry minimalists, but we save on welfare as much as we can. And especially those different experts who are not with us here and now.

Want to be an expert adviser, turn off the chimney, come roll up your sleeves and expert by hands, preferably with your own tool and machine.

I suggested putting a brick in the toilet bowl. Because eventually the main portion of water was poured there, so needed in the morning and in the evening. As a result, the tanks just turned off and put a brew with water and a mug to flush.

Next we put another big pot for heating water on the furnace. Water heating has knocked our lights out. Because too many electrical appliances were on at once.

First of all, it was the heaters. Because people were physically missing on the fire and maintenance of ovens and work in the kitchen and the rest of the places. Because there are also children and basic mental fatigue of ordinary civilian urban people, educated intelligentsia, traumatized by bombings and daily news of war. When there were more people, we were able to delegate more tasks. And the potion with water was always filled and heated. Which gave the opportunity to wash and even cook right away with hot water. Drink teas or just warm water from this big pot, water what carried away from the well. Refuse heaters, because ovens still give enough heat when working with them systematically.

Later, a gas tile with a cylinder appeared, which allowed to quickly heat up food and diversify the load of the electric tile. Last time I counted 6 times the lights knocked out from the load. And of course, it takes an electrician to get over 3 phases of the joinery. Which we have also worked.

Ade is already a different story and a different type of tasks.

A little physics and magical realism

I drowned the bucket, it must have started with this. The castle on the bucket in the krynicí unzstebnuusâ and it remained swimming in the kryncí. It's swimming there and still is.

So one bucket became less. As they say where it's thin there it breaks.

Put certainly different, but as the one said - something needs to be changed. And here Vasyl got out and found somewhere in the warehouse a pump, Andrew brought hoses and we still threw that pump into the well.

The hose Vasyl let down from the well to the house just on the ground and put in a regular pot. And there goes the water.

- I didn't turn on the pump, says Vasily. It was magic how he sucked it without electricity and passed us water. But he did it just down the slope.

Like the joke just buy a lottery ticket God will do the rest.

We decided to develop our success and hose down to the lower well where our main pump is. And the water slowly filled it over night. Typed it up and stopped up. Although the water level in the upper spring has not changed much.

So we have enough water not to save it. And we have become super cool permakulturní practices, survival guru.

So friends stop watching Jeff Lofton and retire Holzer. We are here creating a new history of eco-settlements.

- Look they are cleaning the drains. I say to Vasily. We need to help them, this is our water too.

That's what Vasyl says, but we have to go already.

We grabbed a shovel and left.

- God help us!

- thank you God give you too!

Peter and Galya are local hutsuls.

- but you have channels here like in Egypt, I say

- Well, yes, if it weren't for channels, our houses would be tired in the swamp. There used to be a pond here, but the children are small - dangerous. So he was buried.

We undertook to clean the canals with them. Off to the mountain to our third source.

- there should be a hose, says Halya. You will find and you will have water.

We dug up a muddy spring for a long time. It turned out to be somewhere cubic, surrounded by boards. At the bottom, the hose was dug, closed by a metal plug with holes. Washed, purčistili and the capacity started to fill with pure spring water.

So we solved the issue with water in just about three weeks. Still not fully back up as we would like. But now you can boldly proceed to the issue of sewage.

It's good that Valera came, he's an expert in this case. I'm thinking in the next three weeks and we'll solve this issue.

Because there is still a long war ahead, which means new people who will be looking for refuge.

Wow, we have about a hundred of these favors now and the number is growing. There are similar processes everywhere. Repairing old houses, cleaning wells, stoves and greenhouses.

This is what our war looks like in places where there is no booze and where you can stay for a while and get yourself together. Our green corridor of eco-settlements in which our little history of unification of communities is written.

The New Map

April 14

Over 250k views

Analysis of refugee relocation across Ukraine and Europe through our green corridor of eco-resortions.

Where do they click most often right now.

On the map about 90 locations across Ukraine and more than 320 across Europe.

Financial support forced displaced families in settlements exceeded 1,150 million UAH.

Humanítarna more than 300 thousand UAH.

The main articles of spending:

Clothing, energy, food, housing and infrastructure, agrotechnics, fuel, toiletries, medicines.

Help: Donnejti, grants and volunteering international and national.

The world with us, the society with us, the God with us.

Thank you to everyone involved

Tool Kit

April 14

Well fsʹooo, now we can't be stopped


Update. The owner of this instrument is now in the front. We bought it through one hand and now it works for the good of our protection. And works behind him Sasha from Kharkiv. His family is here right now.

And once a long time ago during peaceful times I dreamed of such an instrument. God's ways work in a very strange way, and I'm thankful that they do.

History of Ukrainian-Lithuanian friendship

April 14

- How are you? Need some help ?

- I need 20 gas stoves. We can't find.

- All right.

Raymondas and I have short business dialogues, they started back in Denmark at the Baltic Eco-seating Congress. And somehow it got a twist. We invited them to our winter convention and then they came to their own. There was a very warm reception as if I had arrived to old relatives, whom I just haven't seen for a long time.

We want to look at the sea. Well let's have a look.

We were on a tour of Lithuanian settlements, and before that on ours.

And here comes the war...

- Maxim, we collected some money from our settlements. We want you to send us your support. 2000 euros, a little but you need it now.

This was in the early days of the war. No one has ever thought of especially some donneites, we just started forming a green corridor.

Well this was our start.

And now these gas stoves, I didn't know who to ask except Lithuanians. Raymondas and Reda said well and already on the second day everything was bought and sent to Polish address. Then Yanosh, our volunteer, took them to Chervonograd, and already from there on the settlement. The first batch has arrived, will get the rest soon.

Gas stoves are a very important diversification for quick cooking. We accept people in the country houses, there are often old wiring and electric stoves are not always the best option, because it is a boiler, heater, washing machine and electric kettle and that is what happened. As they used to say: traffic jams are flying out.

Go switch the cut and think what to refuse. You know me, I don't want our forced displaced families to turn down something in 2022 especially in basic cooking needs. And they were looking for something there somewhere better in Europe. I want people to fully implement themselves here in our settlements. We now have the whole bloom of Ukrainian activism here and so will continue.

We still have a big shortage of gas tiles. They were disassembled for the needs of the Armed Forces in the early days of the war and there are no new supplies. The manufacturers are silent.

Accordingly only from Europe.

There are balloons for some reason, there are no just tiles.

So in this case it is a very point and addressable help.

Victory Gardens

April 15

The greenhouse arrived to the Zhiví ї house in Verkhoviní. It's already 15 greenhouses dispersed

30% of Ukrainian people are displaced now--around 12 million of us. 4.8 million have left the country.

Up from the Ashes

April 16

Ecohutir Rainbow, Kherson region

- Maxime, I want to advise or make a festival for me this summer, Alexey asked me somehow during the lockdown.

- Make sure to, we are all waiting for him.

The annual summer festivals of full-fledged nutrition were held here. In the morning there was a Tsigun, and then Bobrovitsky conducted women master classes on clay work. And we quietly trolled him and stumbled by the watermelon lake until a complete disruption.

Tonight there was a piano and we sang all the songs we could remember. There were still legendary cookies Alexius made of whole grain flour. Contact improvisation, massages and meditation.

Every year it was some sip of summer, a small child and given to us in this place...

We will definitely bring it back and rebuild it, and we will hold another festival.

Thank God all are alive...

Visit to the City

April 17

Yesterday I was on a day in my city, for the first time since the lockdown.

It was a very camera man. Listening to Skryabin and Dead Rooster on the cassette. Talked about the forgotten feeling of being at someone's home for birthdays, talked a lot about modern Ukrainian culture, creativity and our artists and different positions before the war. About how Europe and the world reacts to it. I didn't want to go.

I met the curfew and walked an empty dark city. I was thinking about how here once during the war people came back from some day. And these old Polish buildings probably remember all of this and remind us how fragile this world can be.

Thank you Наталка Курсик and guests for the great atmosphere and delicious pizza.

Twitter. Anatoly Melnyk:


An older Belgian woman pays for the morning newspaper and asks:

- Mesê, and what's happening there in Ukraine? In my opinion, something is terrible, but I don't understand anything about it!

- Madam, - I answered, - because you bought a newspaper - everything is clearly told, even there are cards.

The woman lost looks at me and says:

- Mesê, do you know how old I am? 95! In these articles it's not so easy to give advice.

- Beautiful. imagine for a minute that the Le Penne party wins the French presidential election and insists that Belgium is not a sovereign state but an artificial formation created after the Napoleon wars that never existed before with such a name.

Further, France claims that Flemish nationalists are suppressing the French-speaking Wallonian population, that their province of Limburg in ancient times was actually part of the Duchy of Lézh and therefore must be joined by Valonia.

But that's not all - at the beginning of the XIX century Belgium was part of France, it should become French again

- Sorry, - tried to deny madam, - but my father was a Flemish and he never oppressed anyone!

- Oh, Madame! - a man smiled, - haven't you heard about the Flemish collaborators during the Second World War? They cooperated with Hitler! Those are still the marks.

- Why did I hear about them. - The lady denied it. - But I also heard about the SS brigade "Vallonia"!

- The more, - the messie has been harmed. - So, madam, imagine that France has launched a special military operation to denacify Belgium. During the month, not only Brugge, Ghent and Antwerp are bombed, but also our Liezh. It's okay - we will endure. We are all for humanity and mutual understanding, aren't we?

What is a few thousand people killed and maimed? But then all of us will live in the warehouse of great France!

- But I don't want to live in the France warehouse! I am Belgian ! - kept denying the madam.

- That's the same thing Ukrainians say, - finished his example a man.

Water Water Everywhere

April 18

Bayraktar news: the marathon has come to absurd

There is no water in Mykolaiv for the fourth day. On the side of Kherson, the racists interrupted the pipeline and the water is pouring  out into nearby villages while the 500-thousand city is sitting without water.


We have on têlêku Gosha and Sasha spinning humorous news of the world.

Satire is now where in general we go to find out about the news. And where did journalism go?  Is it all a military mystery now except the fact that the censoring of Quarter 95 has passed.

Alina Zakrevska: is it better for this half of the population to blow bubbles in the pink ball of ignorance? To scream with a clear conscience "we didn't know"?


April 27

Bought myself a validol yesterday. Finally back at it again

Like in the good old days, non-stop workaholic on the pump. Task oriented, with a dispersed processor.

On and off the grid. With no fatigue. No days off.

Somehow stood in the shower and counted the minutes. Because eco-consciousness does not let you stand for more than 3 minutes. And I stood and didn't want to come out.

I asked myself for permission to pour all the warm water on myself. Because finally home, not in hostel. Can I?. . although we have a hostel for five almost adults here too. It's just that everyone has gone somewhere.

And he also ate cutlets in the fasting with his father and so did not go to him yet on Easter. I was lying down and there is no resource to get away. Do you need to have a resource to go to your parents...

From Gumanítarki for refugees took sneakers. Because there was no time to go buy. They run a little bigger but good for the mountains. They won't get wet. And mine are getting wet. And we have a kind of rain.

Brought home a pack of danish galettes and french croissant flour. Because I'm not at home for five days and I need to bring something.

The Danes are asking what to send us. Send us some chocolate

And urgently bought myself a new phone.

Because the Dancív photo contest and need urgently quality photos, with a good expansion. Need video content, need good sound and normal headphones. And our photographer Tanya, who usually does everything, sits for the second month under Mykolaev practically in blockade.

New phone in the war. When everything is for the front, all resources are for the win...

And I also took out the trash that was sorted into the general trash can. Because it's nowhere to be put together. And all the sorters are at the front. And I didn't agree with anyone. And it seems no one even noticed. And I burned some of it in the bath tub.

And all of it is like bullshit, but somewhere in the background there is an internal feeling of guilt. From the small facapies, bigger ones are collected. Because we still have a lot of conflicts. Because Ukrainians can't without conflicts and shit. This is our genetics.

Someone heroically dies in battle. And someone from a heart attack in their own bed the other night. From a banalʹnoí то unlived battleground. From the accumulated fatigue and stress.

And this second one will probably be me.

The only question is who will end sooner is me or this war. And I really wanted the war to end first. But will the peace come then another question. Will the challenges end or will it just become their beginning.

And who pulls it is all after us. Is this how it will subside after these humanitarian injections into our communities. It will dissolve around the metropolises and forget as a temporary misunderstanding.

And so it's ok. Life goes on.

Someone drives cars echelons across the border, and we would have at least one of that car transport - would solve the issue of mobility in eco settlements. And the same park of velikív. So that our villagers could go to gather in the morning circles. From neighboring farms scattered across 5 km.

Because without these circles there will be no community. And without communities there will be no network. And without the network we will have no support. And without support, we will be just survivors of the 90s with sapkami on their riddakah. There will be no development strategy. And there will be only these pigeons of dreams, and we so wished we had a shared house where we could all gather and the kids had their own school instead of going to the common village.

The dreams that have been flying here for the last 10 years and probably dreams will remain the same. If you don't drag everyone to the bells. If not the Danes would drag us about what is your plan Mr. Fix.

I don't know how good psychotherapy is. Because I think it's better not to do such things in full swing, but to wait for the end of this marathon.

Because now to relax, it's better to just switch between the types of tasks. Between roles, between volonterstvom and pâkívstvom. Between taking out banyaki with a hymn from compostnih toilets and distribution of humanitarian support throughout the country, between facapami in management, assholes in the community and at home.

Trying to keep calm and so go in the stretch. To close the tasks. It's cold and no emotions. Because it's not 20 anymore and the body is no longer so lively. And everyone somehow wants to see confidence. At least to be self-confident.

No, I don't need recommendations or more sorry, sympathy. Just passing the background on the third month of war.

Have a good day everyone. We are working. Everything will be Ukraine.

87 Houses

May 5

Iryna writes: In the photo - the house where the Green Road of Eco-Settlements brought me.

Since February 25, we and the Public Association "Permaculture in Ukraine" and Global Ecovillage Network Ukraine have invested more than UAH 2 million in our eco-settlements. These are grants from organizations, and donates of ordinary people, and transfers of individual organizations that are rooting for us. 

Our incredible people have prepared more than 87 houses, received more than 1,500 people, some of whom remained "longer". 

Our hosts, owners and hostesses, cleaned more than 33 wells and restored more than 30 stoves in the houses. We bought more than 150 units of bedding, mattresses, blankets, pillows, and even more received a humanitarian. We purchased hundreds of castrul, patels, some bowls, dozens of tiles of electric, gas, microwave, refrigerators, etc.

Sometimes I get annoyed. Very strong. For example, when someone asks for funding for something as insignificant (as it seems to me) and so I want to shout the train: "But how did you live without it, settlement, shit..." And then I go back to the house where I am now, and I realize that yes, that's how they lived... This is for two or three people one simple electric stove and three plates - ok... and then a lot of inconvenience, if someone left something on one of the plates, and when you have 5, 10 additional people... My family can go three times a day for water in a well on another street, and someone can't, and he desperately needs water near the house.

We all focus on the eco-settlement of Europe - beautiful, thoughtful, ideological. I want to come and have lunch under the blooming wisteria, or a separate toilet, or beds, some super comfortable and environmentally friendly, and all around the coordinators and volunteers... And here you come to the village - the most acceptable base for the development of eco-settlements, and you understand how these communities that dared to move there are poor. Just poor. Even buckets and basins diverge in incredible quantities, and gas and electric saws are given luxury to some. 

I don't know how much more to invest so that people who have in mind moving from city to village at least dare to come and stay, and how much more needs to be talked about and taught people about what eco-community means, so that the difference between village and eco-settlement is felt from the first "touch", I don't know how much more... but I know what I need.

And we won't stop. We will look for opportunities not only to patch holes in roofs, floors and household bags, but also to create a solid foundation on which it will be possible to build new communities, new productions and new destinies.

In the photo - the house where the green road of eco-settlements led me. 
Colleagues, friends, if you are looking for a place to shelter you can also take advantage of our green road.

More opportunities for shelter:


Максим Залевський

May 6 at 11:25 PM  · 


Small communities with a big heart

- Kids, food, hospitality. Very friendly and friendly people. - that's how yoni characterized us.

- This is an incredible country! We should drive a caravan around Ukraine and show it to the whole world. Had a blast with the queen yesterday.

And I just have tears from the sentiment. We go from table to table and it seems if it weren't for people around, those tears would be flowing straight into the borscht. And just like that, I'm holding on.

Borscht and dumplings.

Seems like they are everywhere.

How do you explain this contrast. There is so much talk about hunger around. And about the collapse of the economy. And here in the eco-oposelennations - full tables. All the local.

Here's a look, showing our team the road-treated fields to the horizon. We only have 2 regions occupied, and we have 20 of them. There will be no hunger. We have it for sure. Other countries who live on the export of our grain are affected, but it's definitely not us anymore. We have every family in our garden now.

And we will improve the economy thanks to labor. There is no ours yours. This is one great joint labor.

By supporting us, you are first supporting yourself and your economy, from the crisis from the migration flow.

The difference between our people and Syrians is that they seek jobs first, not refugee status and social payments. Trying to be as helpful as possible.


Do you remember our first tour in Estonia 5 years ago. As we drove 12 delegates from our eco-massets and all the way I heard that eco-massings is a myth, played and enough.

And how did you get me off the highway, and I was driving to you by a hitchhiker... to talk about the eco-seating network and about eurointegration. And that's why every time. Why do we need a network, why do we need Europe. And some unclear poetic phrases about one big family.

Apparently everyone feels her support now.


After the win

Listen, if we're already in eco-village, then probably for living in the moment. Enjoying the sunrise, being in harmony with the world here and now, whatever it may be. And I have a question, why at this tragic moment, we so refuse to accept it? And put off all our lives for later.

You know. Despite all the disaster that is around. We already have the victory and I don't want to postpone it.

We've never had such a stormy development of eco- settlements like now. War created these conditions.

A bitter tragic fate of millions led to an unseen migration.

We're not shelters - we're eco-setting

No, we are not Red Cross, not humanitarian convoys, we are not volunteers. We do what we always do. We are building communities.

And for us there is no concept of refugees. For all of us, the people who arrive are part of our family. One way or another, for a week a month or for a longer life. We include them in our circle.

And it's a much longer and difficult process than just providing everyone with mattresses and blankets. We link a long chain of European support with old country huts scattered across depressing endangered villages. The villages I buried for myself long before the war. When everyone wanted to save them.

- are these your settlers children? I ask Sergei from Chmirivka. They are kryvyorizhik downshifters.

Yes all of ours are. Here if it weren't for us, this village is basically one grannies. If we hadn't stopped here 14 years ago, it would have been someone's hunting grounds a long time ago.

So it turns out now this village is experiencing the second wave of migration from bridges.

It turns out that it is. The first month of the war was so that they slept on the floors everywhere. It's a different way now. The part went on, the part left.

We made that flow, that green corridor.

In the early days of war. In three months, tens of thousands, if not hundreds have passed through it. We put it through the eco-determination of all Ukraine and Europe. And the resources have begun to be dragged in.

To give the opportunity to arrange hundreds of abandoned houses and let life in there. Yes of course not just us. There are communities and everything is significantly larger there. And soon there will be guru experts who will write interpretations about this incredible migration phenomenon from bridges to villages. While the whole world has long lived the theory of 600 megapolis.

So let them write. This is a story about us.. small micro communities with a very big heart.


And how is the economy of eco settlements in Europe? We need the economy

We are smiling. Because this is probably the question most often. Ukrainians are not used to sitting on someone's neck. They don't understand what it's like to live from grants, funds, donations, volunteers, Vorkeway.

- in our settlement everyone goes to Copenhagen to work. We pay rent for land and community contributions every month.

- So what's the difference then from the cottage town?

- We have our yoga center, meditation, shared house. For us, this is the highest value - living in community.

So how does it work, they don't have there even their piece of land, their home...

We have to live in eco-positive life is a life for the rich and it's nothing cheaper than living in Copenhagen.

So what comes out we all rich here?

It turns out that it is. The queen is smiling so hard.

I would love to live here in your country. It's very cheap to buy a house and land here, I'd like to put ashram here and bring Europeans.

I want to go back here to the moon and bypass all your settlements. It will be a project, we will make a movie, I will find the funds.

"Grandma has arrived"

We used to say this code phrase when we were successfully signing a deal.

No, you can't be happy right now. To think about dreams, development, realization of some dreams. Some kind of tours out there. There is a war on now. This is dangerous in the end.

That's when it's going to end...

Opportunities don't open when everything is good. This is how we were taught.

Then they will write to interpret, compose myths. History is written by the brave. We write the history of eco- settlements. This green corridor gives a second breath. In spite of all his gravity, this is happening.

Yeah, we are a team of crazy dreamers, traveling the country of war. Where there is no fuel. Where the history of small communities with a very big heart is written.


Coming Home
Максим Залевський

May 11

76th day of war


I went to my old home and found it knocked out.

Apparently there are no resources there. Arrived late yesterday and at midnight the planes were buzzing—they were just training. They called again in the morning. They came in and knocked everything out.

I passed out before lunch and dreamed of burnt houses and black sparks in the floors. People who fight on the ruins and pick through debris and construction garbage.

This picture has been with me for a long time now and it is a symbol of life continuing.

It's good to have no one home. There is no water either. We are from the tour of eco settlements but here there is the battle of the household routine. The war is going to another stage. The front seems to have been drawn and formally established.

Yesterday we went to the west of the country and we were going to the meeting full of everything from strategic vans to ordinary people. What are coming home to. Everyone was waiting for the victory day. It has been a deadline for many. Now everyone wants a return to life. It's probably time.

20/80 rule

Although I want to say less, much less. Maybe about 3-5% of activists will continue to volunteer now. And the rest already wants to live actively. Mind your own than common and it probably shows.

At the border kilometer queues at customs clearance cars. The humanitarian convoy can't break through and often gets lost somewhere in the queue. Everyone wants to take a sip out of the stream. Let's go already.


There is a political showdown. In the country there is now a third power, which used to not be -- the army. And the sovkovo oligarchíčna machine of our politicians is back to its business. Will try to eat us. Because to them the war is an opportunity, and for them the main thing is to get away from the government in Kyiv. Because nothing much has changed in this contest of will. The biggest pity is that for some reason in Kherson, there are purges now. And there's our lost settlement, which you can't break through to reach.

Our little bubble

In our eco-settlement world as a whole, everything actively rumbles and turns. I will try to describe in the coming days in some stories. Despite the various trivial conflicts that suck our blood, all seem to be in process to become a resource for the greater good. We have a new stage of evolution of ecopolies. I would say a historic one. Which comes with even more responsibility.

The other day, a book about Fedor Lazutin, a remarkable reformer of the ideologist of eco settlements in the Russian Federation, was published. Too many good quotes. He was ahead of his time.

So our story is that we probably used the time well. And our revolution is this green corridor that united the raft and grew the lifeboat eco-settlements of Ukraine and Europe during this war. And no guru, but pure systematic teamwork. Where everyone worked at levels and continues. All the way I like it.

76th day of war

This is the 76th day of daily calls. I want to go on a vacation. I'm thinking about her and making plans. I don't want to make any taboo secret out of this. And it's like it's coming out how I do it. No special losses for the project.

But there is still a volume of work ahead, it is already clear and understandable. And it is also inspiringly large. And it will happen one way or another. With or without me. It's calming and faith-filled, transcends into dimension and discernment. And most importantly, everyone in their place is no longer floating from mystery. Realizes his role.

We are not in a rush. We won't have some kind of guru. We don't advance the time, we live in it. No matter how hard it is. We will have Rada, as we have had it since ancient times, with all its difficulties and it will be selective and will be right to go on vacation everyone.

I remember Robert Hall, who was president of European eco-settlements, now engaged in other projects, works, travels. I can see myself doing that now too. It's the fifth year since we've been developing a network of eco-settlements. The time for real adult communities and constituencies will come. Where everyone will be heard.

I thought about it and it became easier. Like a mountain off the shoulders. I don't know what's up with the victory, I didn't read the news. But our victory has already taken place and we are already in another dimension.

To all involved a big thank you for the encouragement. We are making a revolution in eco settlements.

#зеленийкоридор #greenroad #Хронікивійни #екопоселення #простежиття

Uncle Kolya

Home home, home home household

Potato with dill.

Uncle Kolya, the maker of the gin

It's knocking at the door.

Great grandma like she's alive

Hanging on a portrait.

Old sofa and sideboard

The crystals are in the buffet.

Guests say: it's a museum

A display of rarity!

Round table, cups and bowls

Sourdough and warm.

Maybe a little bit of wine?

Who is going to refuse him?

I'm going to burst into tears

How the heart lies.

Braclav boys are not a village,

Braclav friends the city.

Here before it was

The uncle will tell it all.

Before the war, to the communists,

The Gymnasium, the nobility...

Nope, not gonna work out for us

From the uncle's house.

Got my head hungover

Memories have covered.

How we are in the youth of summer

Had a good time.

No return no return

You can't tell the kids.

How and where did it all come from,

Need some friends to ride with.

Quiet river across the bridge

Where it grew, where it strengthened.

Will take my breath away

Quell my southern bug.

#брацлав #дім #Хронікивійни #простежиття

Sad news from Caroliva Mollie Omkari
May 10

We have stories to tell. But these stories have no words. These stories are made up of feelings. Of longings, of despair and chock. Stories of distant as well as very present memories. Memories of good times as well as of disputes. Stories of faith, hope and love. Stories of little societies with big visions. Of humble people with grand hearts and powerful minds.

This used to be a community house. This used to be where people gathered and even where children went to school. Now it is dust, literal dust. I stepped into the ruins and sank down as if walking in soft sand. There is nothing left here.

And that is actually a big lie. Because there is everything left. We stand here, and we stand together and that is the answer. Them, us you, we, us. Out of the dust of destruction grows new life, new visions. With love and courage and determination life will grow. Because life always grows.


Death and destruction is a simple bracket in the eternal stream of life.

Do not worry my heroes, the time is now and we are here. We will change the world, no problem.

Please keep donating to rebuild the visions of the eco villagers. Or come help out if you want to have an experience for life. We already love you, can't wait to meet you.

Mobile pay 60144754 (Vivian Kastrup)

PayPal @idaloisecaroliva

News From Maksym

May 24

90 day war! If not now then when. My long awaited book. About a dude who rolls snot on his fist and doesn't give up. All 100% of the proceeds will go to support eco settlements that accept forcibly displaced families.

The whole book is coming soon, it's in press.

Drop your preorders in the comments. First printing 1000.


Let's gooooo .

The desired size of donation for a book 200 UAH

Mono card 5375414128208039

Private 4731 1856 0536 4501


Put + in the comments, drop the delivery address in personal. Will post as soon as they are printed. With an autograph.

Grateful for the reposts.

#пишукнигу #потойбікуспіху #простежиття #StayWithUkraine


News from Ksenia Anniuk
Naddnipro region.
Twitter June 5

While the world community is outraged about the prospect of food crisis, this year's seeding in minefields looks sometimes like this. My focus of gratitude to the simple people who make sure we still have food to eat. The driver was not injured.


Bikes from Denmark
July 2

With an electric bike shipment from Denmark we solve a problem of mobility in settlements for forcedly displaced families. We can make more although there are a shortage of controllers for assembly of such bikes in the country now. We are picking up leftovers from warehouses.

In Lviv we assembled a team from several settlements to go through an rapid training in assembly and diagnostics of bikes soon to be coming to us from Denmark and the Netherlands.

One way or another, every great thing should be worked on before it goes to an eco-settlement. Because, as it turns out hardly anyone will be able to find e-bike batteries. Often these are quite unique rare specimens, but we can fashion batteries from parts. In cities, at least there are masters and makers with experience and a good base. That's why Lviv is now an assembly point.

Our mission is to address mobility in communities. In order for participants, often mothers with children, older people to move around farms to 3-5-8 km distances and to communicate, or address household needs. From the best bikes with a durable frame, we plan to make electric bikes that will help you move freely in the humpy areas of central Ukraine.
Electric transport is everything.

Maybe this will be our social startup, maybe the next grant project, but the issues of mobility are very timely. And if near the common space in each settlement there is a bicycle park for sharing - it will untie our hands. And you won't have to wait for a neighbor with a car to go to the district to pick up a package of seeds or the new mail.’=

And if there will be one or two more electric bikes, you can not worry about distances of 10-20 km.
And then you can talk about communication on 2-3 neighboring settlements and a wider connection of communities.
Which opens up new social horizons.

Maybe even continue the conversation about larger projects like 2-3 micro-community projects. We are expecting the next batch of 20 bikes from Denmark. Preparing frames, preparing workshops. There is a lot of things to do. Do you think we have a chance to solve the issue of mobility in eco-settlements? What do you think about electric bikes?


Бушанська Толока

July 29

The annual congress of eco settlements Global Ecovillage Network in Denmark was visited by 10 representatives from Ukraine this year. Among them was a representative of the Bush settlement and the coordinator of the initiative group Bushanska Toloka Svitoyara Kachurenko.

Good news:

With the support of Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine and Global Ecovillage Network Bushanska Toloka received support from the European community for the construction of a shared house in which migrants will be able to winter if necessary this winter.

Busha valley is a place of confluence of three rivers. Since olden times it is known as а place of empowerment. It is a sacral place of slavs which shows also traces of the stay of Scythians, Sarmatians, early Rus tribes, Haydamaks, and our latest ancestors - Trypilians - dated more than 6.5 thousand years ago.

Here were located the unique rocky Temple sanctified to Great Mother-Goddess, enigmatic bas-reliefs and rock inscriptions, strange lithoidal building - megaliths about the origin of the world.

Nature is not able to create such whimsical forms. Archaeologists are lost in conjectures and equate their age to tens thousands of years.

Caves, excavations, "hanging rocks", an open-air museum of sculptures, authentic Ukrainian houses to stay in, and more, create great adventures for children and adults. Busha іs the unique place that brings together cultural,  ethnographic, archeological, and natural sights and friendly, mindful and open-hearted people.

You are always welcome here

Road sign in Vilnius, Lithuania

Максим Залевський

August 16 at 12:31 AM  · 

I was asked recently: what would you advise you to do. My version of not dying. Alive can change everything start again. Alive can fight for the lives of others.

It's like such a simple basic thing to live. But not obvious to everyone. As it turns out. Not only in terms of combat and occupation. Emotionally, you can kill yourself even in sufficient safety. And there are people in the world who do this often enough.

You can lay yourself down and devalue yourself several times a day. It's becoming a habit, later.

And over time, this suicide becomes a culture of behavior that is passed on. And stretches for generations. Culture of adaptation: Shut up, sit down, don't stand out, do like everyone else. I grew up in one of these.

It was called: the Soviet society.

Despite war, we live in a wonderful time of choice. When we can make that choice daily to benefit Life. And this choice is in our deeds and actions, behavior and thinking. And these actions can sometimes go far beyond the thinking patterns of our environment, society, economy and sort of common sense. But still, they make us alive.

How will you live your life on? So what are the plans? How many will you volunteer for? Ask money from those Europeans? These are all your grants, it can't last forever... sometimes you have to get down to business.

No one tells me this for a long time. Because everyone around has become like that. Everyone has become alive, even those who are like out passive, do not owe anyone anything. Open my heart to help others. And everything around somehow miraculously began to fill with meaning. Dreams and big plans come true, in some magical reality.

I live in a wonderful environment with living people. And when I'm sad I just read their stories. Which I sometimes throw in stories.

These folks write the story of our sometimes quite interesting alternative eco-conscious lives.

I don't have any far-off plans. But there is another day in which I live and have hope for tomorrow.

I can't wait to start living after winning. I am living, I have already won.

Living is not enough anymore. Living on is already too much.


Marina and daughter.jpg

Marina Kasachenko is with Iryna Kazakova and 

3 others


August 15 at 1:42 AM  · 

Sorting in Germany in numbers

Numbers may vary depending on location and the rate of the business providing waste disposal and disposal services.

In the German village where I am now staying with my children, garbage removal is paid 201 euros per year for a black tank (mixed waste). This 80 l tank is taken out once every 4 weeks.

80 l is produced by a family of 3 people.

So, more waste - bigger container - more value.

If you count, 16.75 euros per month from a family of 3 people (approximately 5 euros per person! ).

At the same time, in Kyiv the tariff for household waste is 36 UAH per person.

Bio waste (green tank) 80 l, removed once every 4 weeks, 64 euros.

If 2 times a month -120 euros.

This is in the village.

Also found a cost calculation on bio waste removal in the nearest city.

1-4 people-40 l-80 euros a year.

9-10 people-100 l - 87 euros a year.

Blue tank (paper, cardboard) and yellow (plastic) tanks - take out for free!

Blue - 120 l - taken out once a month.

Yellow - 120 l - taken out twice a month.

A special large tank is ordered for construction waste.

The cost of this tank is from 165 to 900 euros depending on the cubic meters.

Fine for not sorting garbage up to 2500 euros!

Therefore, in Germany it is better to sort than to pay fines. Good motivation.

I think that in Ukraine such a system is also possible!

We continue to study experience - at home will come in handy

Iryna Kazakova
Sep 2, 2022

А якщо трішки погратися зі словами, то ....

We are not the edge of the world and all of Western civilization

The sun will rise in Ukraine and it's settled in a brave location

It's understood that Victory for all of us is Ukrainization....

During a concert in Miami, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis came on stage with a Ukrainian flag as a sign of support for Ukraine. This follows in the line of Bon Jovi posting a video of Odessa volunteers loading sandbags on the coast to the theme of their song It's my life.

Ukrainian Burning Man
September 2022

Two hundred days of war.

Two hundred days of great prayer

from the heart to the universe.

Two hundred days of pain and death.

Two hundred days of hope and life.

Two hundred days of a strong nation

and the resurrection through the death!

Two hundred days of the struggle of light against darkness,

who has come to our land,

but dawn always brings the rays of the sun and victory is already in our hearts

Two hundred days of unbreakable will

all our people of Ukraine

Hold on in the power of spirit, in the power of love,

in the power of prayer

Unbreakable and strong, free people of Ukraine
-- Un Ryu, Sep 11


Iryna Kazakova is with Anastasiya Volkova.
Sep 11

Due to the Green Road project, many people have come to the ecoposelennâ, settlements and permakulturní centers. We haven't collected the statistics "for now", but in these 200 days, at least 3000 people have passed through our locations. And some of them stayed.

Remained in spite of new, difficult, often survival conditions in most places.

The statistics of "new arrivals" are something like this: in different communities with a total of 450 settlers, 450 migrants remain to winter. Given that some of these folks have been living in new communities since March through May, it's not very comfortable calling them "migrants." Some of them integrate so successfully into a new environment that in fact they are already new community members, neighbors, friends, etc. d.

Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine launches project with the symbolic name #IDPowerment.

What is he talking about? About the maximum possible adaptation of these new people to the conditions in which they found themselves.

However, if you're already in the village, you need to learn how to grow food, or if you're out in the community, you need to know the basics of communication, conflict resolution, and effective interaction.

That is why we are launching two courses for eco settlements and their inhabitants: PERMACULTURAL DESIGN COURSE 2022 together with Пермакультура в Україні and КУРС ПОБУДОВИ СПІЛЬНОТ 2022

This year, these courses for eco-settlers, as those who have already "settled" or sat/run in their eco-settles, and new ones who are already starting to "wander", are looking around and have a lot of stormy emotions.

Let there be more misunderstanding in our communities. Everything needs to be permaculture.. and it's not just about growing food.

P.S. There are three monks in the photo. One holds the plant, the other treats the earth, and the third prays for everyone. In an effective community, there should be performers of various roles. It's hard to understand when you and your neighbor have different priorities. But we have to. This is the least we can do to win.

P.P.S. Street art, Næstved, Denmark. In 1997, local artist jens Andersen began to turn the alley of knits into čencív. Isn't this the worst way to "get rid of" trees that need it for some reason?

The courses are organized by the Ukrainian NGO "Global Network of Eco Settlements of Ukraine" (GEN Ukraine) in partnership with the Danish Eco Settlement Network #LOES and funded by the Danish Foundation #CISU.

Permacultural Design 2022 course from Пермакультура в Україні has begun!

Thanks to Landsforeningen for Økosamfund for inviting us to run this course, and CISU - Civilsamfund i Udvikling (LOES) Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine for supporting this initiative

#IDPowerment is a project aimed at supporting eco-settlers and internally displaced persons currently residing in the settlements.

In extreme mode, a group of professors and students were gathered to catch the last heat and spend the time useful.

Location: Квітка Рамбури and Присадибне господарство Родини Білоус Participants will see two not just farms, but successful farms that feed multiple families.


Іванна Білоус is a permacultural designer, teacher and, in fact, co-founder of high-ranking farms.

Віра Родіонова is a permacultural designer, teacher with a business approach. In recent months, I have traveled around Europe or not and have seen how eco-settlements are arranged there. It will talk about the design of not only one garden, but entire settlements and the necessary elements and functioning of successful settlements "for life".

Tatyana Chuchko is a consistent teacher, designer, social caretaker and inspires active activity and social projects.

Валентина Мовчан and Bogdan Popov will explain and justify water-related decisions.

How it was will be told later. So far, we listen and saturate with information.

The course is organized by the Ukrainian NGO "Global Network of Eco Settlements of Ukraine" in partnership with the Danish Eco Settlement Network LOES and funded by the Danish CISU Foundation.

Виталий Костюченко is with Iryna Kazakova
Sep 16

Together with men raised a motoblock, thank you very much to the team Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine for such a needed and novítníj gift

The first time we start and test, preparing for soil treatment in autumn.

Concrete mixer is now also working full speed in the place of "Unforgettable Circle", Igor makes stairs and concretes the porch!

Apart from the issues that are currently discussing in the settlement, these are the rules of using a common tool. Planning a joint budget for maintenance equipment! It actually unites everyone and teaches to agree))

With thanks, Masters Settlement,

Dnipropetrovsk region.

Robert Hall to Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine
Sep 17

As the autumn starts to become visible, humanitarian assistance to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Ukrainian ecovillages are on many of our minds. Ecovillages on the like Бушанська Толока are in need of our direct support. At the same time we also need to think more long-term already now about "Building Back Better"further extending Ukrainian ecovillages to absorb new-comers that want to stay, and influence the coming Ukraine Recovery with GEN values.

Thus the proposal "Knowledge-based Regenerative Action for Inclusion" or KRAI was developed as a collaboration between Suderbyn Ecovillage & NGO Relearn and Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine and submitted to the Swedish government's FBA on 13 September. Hatched at the European Ecovillage Gathering 2022 in Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center in Denmark in July by GEN Ukraine activist Lumi Uliana, the idea has now been developed into a 15-month 24000 EUR project proposal to concretely assist 5 Ukrainian communities to develop professional Community Development Plans (for new housing/infrastructure and sustainable livelihoods) using a bioregional approach and to do it together with IDPs, especially youth and women, interested to stay on in the ecovillages after the war. The proposal builds on the excellent work of GEN Ukraine and among others Iryna Kazakova in coordinating the needs of IDP-hosting Green Road communities across the country. I have thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing cuting-edge thinking, high quality cooperation and intense drafting process with Lumi Uliana and GEN Ukraine this last week in developing the proposal. The project if funded would start in early 2023 and also support GEN Ukraine's capacity to assist other communities with development planning to better acquire needed donor funding as well as to influence the wider Ukraine Recovery on the importance of using an integrated and inclusive participatory approach.


Виталий Костюченко is with Iryna Kazakova

Sep 26

Today we managed to get all together on the toloku until it rained.

Brought some firewood, now it's up to the men to dust it and transport it to the displaced people of our settlement to keep their homes warm.

We were loading sand today for the construction of the bathhouse. And the children happily accepted to make a garage for their cars in it.

Continued to dig the trench from the bath to the slivnoí ко pit.

Collected partly crops and transported everything motoblock.

The girls as always spoiled us with pies, breads, mushrooms and pancakes made with organic products provided by Global Ecovillage Network. Ukraine

Thank you for the motoblock, it is very appropriate now in home and construction.


Iryna Kazakova

Sep 30

Another truck loaded to our eco-settlements and #greenroadecocettlements

  • The bikes that didn't fit last time

  • Laptops

  • Blankets , pillows and bed

  • Long-lasting food products

  • Wooden toys

  • Tentsy

  • Chairs for events at our locations

  • Chairs for the indoor

  • Couple of sewing machines

  • Woodworking machine ....

Huge thanks to Jakob Knudsen Andrii Kuzmyn - for collecting, storing and organizing transport.

Huge hugs to Camilla Nielsen-Englyst who is the driving force of all these processes

Always ready to help Дакшина Деви Даси Olha Simon and other Ukrainians in Denmark

Finished loading in romantic darkness, warming up baked eggplants and vegan sausages) these people don't forget anything!

Waiting for the truck in Ukraine.

To be continued

  • A pilot project at the Tepla Hora ecovillage in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast has shown its effectiveness in holding weekend reboots for volunteers working with people in Ivano-Frankivsk who need rest to avoid burnout. We will spread this experience to other locations.

  • Carbon farm "Green Grove" in the Dnipropetrovsk region regularly receives groups of children from the Dnipro city, and conducts activities with them in nature, in communication with animals. It helps children forget the horrors of war and recover psychologically.


Why ecovillages and permaculture centers?

  • Our locations are in rural areas, which are safer than cities.

  • Our network covers the whole of Ukraine, which allows people to find a location closer to them, but also to move around the locations as a corridor in case you are moving towards the western border. That's how the name "Green Road" came about.

  • Ecovillages are quite sustainable due to cohesion, food supplies, and the ability to grow food.

  • Most ecovillages have vacant houses that are used to house internally displaced persons.

  • Residents of these communities are friendly and able to provide psychological support to displaced persons.

  • Almost all communities have children, which simplifies the stay of displaced persons with children.

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