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Fiscal Sponsor

We cannot do all this by ourselves. We are always open to new alliances and partnerships.
We bring the advantage of a well-established non-profit charity operating within the established state and federal regulations for tax exempt activities in the United States. For those who wish to partner with us, we provide the means to receive donations from foundations, corporations, government agencies and private donors within the United States and to offer a charitable tax deduction where applicable.

Among the organizations that GVI supports or has supported as a fiscal sponsor are Pocket Project (Germany), Green Road (Ukraine), Plants for the Future (UK), Global Ecovillage Network (UK), eCO2 (Dominican Republic), Gaia University (UK), Regrarians Ltd (Australia), La Caravana Arcoiris por  la Paz (México), Thlolego/ReGen Africa (South Africa), D-Acres (USA), Permaculture Association (UK), Culture Change (USA), Sonnenshein (USA), Tekio (México), Ecoaldea Gratitud (México), Marda Permaculture Farm (Palestine), and US Biochar Initiative (USA) .

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