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Ecosystem ReGen Camps

Very positive developments are occurring right now all over the world. Millions of people are already working to restore health and fertility to soils. There are successful projects in many parts of the World to rehydrate dehydrated biomes ... ensuring that all moisture is infiltrated and retained to nurture the Earth's biological systems. Large numbers of people are working to protect and regenerate the amazing biodiversity that over evolutionary time altered a molten rock into a beautiful garden ... a miraculous paradise.

Restoring the Earth needs to become the central intention of human civilization. In order for this to happen millions and tens of millions of people must be aware that it is possible to restore the Earth and be able to do it. This will lead to meaningful work for every human being on the Earth and end the concept of unemployment. It will begin to be realized that real wealth for humanity is not the accumulation of material possessions. Real wealth exists in ensuring that all can live in dignity and with their inalienable sovereign rights.

The Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation has been conceived to create the conditions that will allow people of all walks of life and from all over the world to live and work together to change the course of human history and restore the natural ecological functions on the Earth. They will do this by simply restoring ecosystems where the camps are invited to work and by continuous training of those who choose to learn how to do this.

We are striving to ensure that the camps are sustainable, self organizing, self governing, comfortable, healthy places where those who choose to work in service of humanity can study, practice and grow together with like minded people from the local communities where the camps are invited to be sited and with volunteers from all over the world. We are planning for excellent organic food, comfortable dwellings, with healthy recreational opportunities as well. We are discussing a limit on working ... of 5 hours a day for 5 days a week ... to ensure that we have fun while restoring the Earth and that culture, music, food, recreation and peace building are all part of the experience.

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