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Peace Thru Permaculture
The Marda Permaculture Farm is a working farm and a demonstration site for permaculture principles, techniques and strategies. Permaculture is an ecological design system that draws heavily from indigenous, local wisdom as well as cutting edge science to help individuals and communities maximize local resources toward sustainable production, generation, and recycling of food, water, energy, housing, and other resources.

The project seeks to promote ecological, cultural and economic resilience in the Occupied Territories by continuing to develop our small scale permaculture site to serve as a model and training center for local farmers and international permaculture students. The Farm aims to be a model of sustainable development and self-sufficiency for the whole of Palestine, and to build connections with permaculture projects regionally and internationally. Farm staff facilitate permaculture design courses in diverse communities across Palestine.

The primary objectives we are working towards through our project include building bottom-up green local economies and increased local food production, water harvesting and recycling, and small scale manufacturing for the people of Gaza and the rural West Bank. We are looking forward to develop Marda farm to be a cell of a holistic, bottom-up, green economic body, using its regenerative economy as a vehicle for change and as a social-ecological medium to connect Palestinians with each other and their environment.

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